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This page will tell you who we are, what we are doing, and most importantly, what we can do for you.

In a globalized world, if a company would like to enter Chinese market with huge consumption capability but this country is a bit strange or unfamiliar to you, Strategy Holdings(hereinafter called our company) will help you to enter Chinese market and run well in China.

We are a bridge between enterprise and Chinese local government. We provide media and events service, advisory and consulting, site selection and FA service to clients from abroad.


Who We Are

We are a consulting and New media company which provides a full service to companies and Industrial Parks from media coverage, industry consulting and site selection. We are one of the largest companies in corporate expansion and industry planning and the largest company providing industry information to governments and science parks in China.


Company name: Strategy Holdings China

Website: www.ishiju.com

Office Location: Shanghai\Beijing\Shenzhen\Wuhan

Telephone: 8621-68407696(Shanghai)

Wechat followers: 530,000+


What We Are Doing


We offer different kind of information including industry and regional news to our customers and readers. We provide current and pertinent data to governments, investors and corporations. We hold more than 30 events, including conferences, forums and seminars, every year. Now we are the largest new media company in specific area.



We provide industry consulting service to local governments and industrial parks as well as international corporations. Now we have over 100 clients across China.


Site selection:

We help companies both home and abroad to do expansion in China. FDI and innovative enterprise is our key. We help companies decide where to locate new operations around the China and implement greenfield investment projects. We also assist the investment promotion agencies of regions, provinces and cities to attract more investment to their locations.We also operate 2 science parks in China.


Financial Service:

We help the companies abroad to attract Chinese investors as a financial adviser(FA) and we also invest on these programs.


An Internationalized Company

We provide bilingual (Chinese\English) service to our clients, German\Chinese is also available.


We have set up strategic cooperation with different famous organizations globally.

Cukierman Fund (Israel)



Conway(USA) China branch


German Center( Germany)



Outstanding Achievement

500 projects been located in China every year , 40 of them are big companies.

1000 projects leads provided to our clients every year.

2000 professional articles provided to our readers every year.

30 events been held every year, including autos industry seminar, new energy conference, FDI salon, etc.

100 industry planning consulting programs been done every year.


What We Can Do For You

If you are a company, we can provide the following service:


Site selection:

we help you to find the right location in China from the beginning to the end. We are very familiar with Chinese legal system, administrative system, economic policy.



We help you to hold different kinds of industry seminars or salons. We are responsible for inviting speakers and organize the whole event.



We write articles about your company to let more Chinese know your company, what’s more, to help you find potential customers.



We help the companies abroad and in China to attract Chinese investors as a financial ad adviser(FA) and then help these companies to do site selection job.

If you are a local government in China, please see the Chinese Version website.

Finally, we wish every company who is already running in China or is on the way to Chinese market a big success. Strategy will be a good partner of you.

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